Please note all prices include postage.

Larger items are posted by special guaranteed delivery so please ensure you provide an address where somebody can sign for the item.

Standard prints
Print 7 x 5 = £10.00
Print 8x10 = £15.00
Print 12 x 10 = £17.00
Print A3 = £30.00

Digital Images are becoming the most popular format so I provide quite a few options - these are emailed to you within 24hrs of me receiving your payment.
Please check spam and junk folders if you haven't received your image within the stated 24 hrs especially if you have a Hotmail account as Hotmail doesn't like my SMR Photos domain name!

Digital Images For Personal Use Only
Low Res images suitable for screen use only - royalty free
72dpi 500px on longest side and discrete logo = £5.00

Low Res image suitable for screen use only.
72dpi 600px on longest size and no logo = £6.00

Medium Digital Image suitable for printing.
300dpi 2700px on longest size = £15

Large Digital Image suitable for printing.
300dpi 4500 px on longest size = £25

USB of up to 20 images of one horse = £50.
Each image will be at least 4500px on longest size (should print to at least 10x12)
Please email me the references of the images you would like on the USB

Other Items
Fridge Magnets = £8.00
Key ring either one photo on both sides or two different ones = £6.00

Montages - if you would like a montage of 3, 4, 5 images prices are as follows. Please see examples to see types of layout possible. To purchase please purchase the appropriate option on one of the images and in
the "Instructions to Merchant" option on paypal list the full set of images you wish to be included or email it to me, stating where applicable which one should be the main image

Ref 5 - 10x12 Montage 4 image = £25
Ref 6 10x12 Montage 5 image = £35
Ref 4 A3 Montage 4 image = £35
Ref 7 10x12 Montage 5 image blend = £45 (choose one photo as main image and others are blended in)
Ref 2 A3 Montage 5 images = £50
Ref 3 A3 Montage 10 image = £60
Ref 1 A3 Montage 5 image blend = £65 (choose one photo as main image and others are blended in)